Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Attention Getter That Works!

Many of you probably know the following scenario: Your students enter the classroom and begin talking to their neighbor. You are ready to start class, but no one is listening.  Or better yet, you are in the middle of the awesome lesson you planned and it's time to transition. You hate transitions because it is so hard to get everyone settled back down into their seats.  I have the solution, or at least the solution that has worked for me time and time again!

When you want to get your students' attention simply say "Class" and teach your students to reply "Yes".  The fun part that gets them hooked on this response is this next key phrase: "However I say 'class' that is how you say 'yes'".  Then practice with them.  Be silly! The more you make your classroom fun, the more learning that is going to happen. You can say class multiple times, you can say it in a high voice, low voice, any number of silly voices. This variation constantly has them engaged and ready to learn. 

You see, the Class-Yes attention getter activates the prefrontal cortex, the decision maker of the brain.  By awakening this portion of the brain, students are ready to learn and take in all of the wonderful things you have to say.

If you'd like more information on "Class-Yes" or other classroom management techniques.  Feel free to contact me or research more on your own at

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