Sunday, August 17, 2014

Draw the Eye in with a Graphic Syllabus

Each year my syllabus has morphed into something else.  I started teaching with a very basic syllabus that was missing much of the information that parents needed to know.  I then created a lengthy, multiple page syllabus that I doubt my students and parents read.  Well, it has now changed, again, and this time, I think it is for the better.  This graphic syllabus draws the eye into important information and still conveys effectively every thing I need my students and parents to know.

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and modified it to work for my class. You may look at it and think it has to be missing things, but it really isn't.  My class rules are very to the point and follow the Whole Brain Teaching model.  Remember, Rules 4 and 5 cover all of those little things that you would want to include in your syllabus about being prepared, being on time, etc. 

The one thing that is missing, in my opinion, is a list of topics to be covered throughout the year.  This year, I am at a new school and the curriculum will soon be changing.  Rather than putting in writing what is going to be covered throughout the year in advance, I plan to update my classroom website in order to keep parents informed about what we are learning.

I know many of you have already started back for the year, but I hope this gives you inspiration for next year's syllabus.  Have a relaxing Sunday. Tomorrow we hit the ground running, changing lives, and inspiring minds!

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  1. Hello Keisha!

    I think that's great that you are using standards-based grading! I used it last year and loved it. I hope things are going well for you!

    -Holly VanSkike