Monday, August 4, 2014


Hey guys!  Last week, we discussed the Scoreboard and how it is an influential classroom management strategy.  Today I'm going to discuss a few key features and ways in which you can implement the Scoreboard into your classroom.

Reinforcing Classroom Rules: Last week I posted about the 5 classroom rules that will change your life. They cannot do that in your classroom, if you do not reinforce them and practice them often.  A great way to reinforce them is to just start your day going through the rules. You can lead them or have a student lead them.  You can also use the scoreboard throughout class.  A key part of the classroom rules is to not point out a student for negative behavior.  Rather, just say the rule that was broken and have the class respond with what the rule is.  When marking a point for the teacher on the scoreboard you can just say, "It appears that some of our classmates are not following Rule 2."  You can then mark a point for the teacher.  They will interact with you and give a "Mighty groan."  You can then say "Let's make sure everyone remembers what rule 2 is.  Rule 2" and your students will say "Raise your hand for permission to speak!"  When they all respond with the gesture that accompanies it, you can tell them that they did a great job and give the students a point.  This encourages your students to follow the rules because they associate it with the positive of receiving a point for their team.

Speed: I love increasing the pace I go in my classroom. You can give students a direction and then if they did not do it fast enough you can mark a point for the teacher.  Make sure you give them another shot at that direction, though.  By working to reinforce the right way to do it, you will increase the engagement of your students.  For example, you say "Class!" and your students respond "Yes!", but not everyone responds.  You can say, "Aw, bummer.  That was not fast enough." and give a point to the teacher side.  Then you can say "Claaasss!" and then more students will respond "Yeesss!" They will likely respond filled with energy and excitement because they want to prove to you that they can do it to earn a point.  Give it to them!  Reward them for changing their behavior and responding quickly.  You've got them!  You are teaching them to do things quickly to earn those points!

Variations: "Variety is the spice of life!" Variety is also the key to keeping the scoreboard interesting.  Once you are consistently using the scoreboard, change it up in order to keep the engagement of your students.  One way to do that is to make teams.  You could do boys versus girls or left side of the room versus the right side of the room.  For me, I'm going to do the Pirate Scoreboard.  When a point gets marked for the captain (Me!), instead of doing the Mighty Groan they will say, "McHaaaargg!"

Teaching with Style Scoreboard
The scoreboard image you see above is courtesy of Teaching with Style from Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can download it for free off of her store.  This is just demonstrating one way you can modify the scoreboard to meet the needs of your students. You can find more variations of the Scoreboard at!  Good luck with implementing the Scoreboard this year.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment below.

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