Thursday, September 4, 2014

Go Noodle Works!

Today was the day that I decided to introduce GoNoodle to my students.  I knew it could go one of two ways.  The students could get completely into it or they could think it was super lame.  Guess what!?  They loved it! 

What's GoNoodle?  If you have not heard about GoNoodle, definitely click on the link provided to access their website.  GoNoodle is a website that provides different brain breaks for your students.  Currently, my plan is to primarily use the dance category, but there are several categories to calm or energize your students.

The best part of GoNoodle is the interactive avatars that are provided. Below you can see the different avatars that my classes selected. Each class is different and I love that! Each avatar, such as "Bart Reynolds" or "Zap von Doubler" grows and becomes stronger as students move up levels.

How does this link with Whole Brain Teaching?  This year my goal was to stay consistent with the Scoreboard.  When students beat me on the Scoreboard, then they get to play GoNoodle for 1-3 minutes.  This keeps my students wanting to play more, so they are sure to have great behavior the next day to finish their current dance party! 

GoNoodle is the perfect incentive for students in relationship to WBT's Scoreboard because the activities are short enough to complete or get students hooked enough in the time frame available.  I never thought I would have time to give students game incentives.  When you only sacrifice 1-3 minutes of class, it's worth it to improve engagement and get students excited about learning!

Good luck, and let me know if you implement GoNoodle in your classroom and how it works for you!

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