Monday, September 15, 2014

Remind for Parents

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Do you have that principal that keeps driving home the need to stay in contact with parents?  Or do you have that parent that insists that you contact them all of the time to let them know the homework assignments?  I have experienced both, and what could sometimes be a frustration due to lack of time, has been made easier by Remind.

Remind (previously known as Remind 101) is a one-way text messaging opportunity for you as a teacher. You can text the parents and students that sign up for Remind quickly and easily. This year, I have had multiple parents thank me for my communication with them. I have also had many of my students prepared for class the next day because their parents reminded them of the science homework.

When I first considered using Remind, I just assumed it would be another thing to add to my list to start remembering to do, and honestly it is, but it makes my classroom time so much more efficient.  This year I have a system where during my plan period, which is after all of my classes, I really quick access the website and send out the messages.  It is so quick and easy that I timed myself today and it took a whole one minute and 24 seconds to send out messages to all of my classes.

But what if you forget? Remind has an app!  I have the app on my iPad and then can send messages  when I'm sitting at home watching TV!  It's quick, it's easy, and will make a world of difference in your classroom!

Do you use Remind?  What great ways has it affected your class?

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