Saturday, September 27, 2014

I Brain Break...Do You?

You guys are in for double posts today because GoNoodle has tasked bloggers to speak out about exercise in the classroom!

1. Often times adults see exercise as a chore, but for kids exercise should be all about fun and play. P.E. and recess offer great opportunities for kids to get their play on, but how can we bring this idea to the classroom as well?

As a middle school teacher, it is startling to me how little of exercise we have our middle schoolers engaged in.  Not only are they beginning to go through puberty and have these bodies that are changing, but then we stop giving them recess and expect them to sit longer in their desks.  This system just doesn't work.  GoNoodle provides teachers a resource to improve movement in the classroom.  
In my classroom, we use GoNoodle if students are very tired in the mornings and then as an incentive at the end of the period if they have beat me in WBT's Scoreboard game.  Students are so motivated by GoNoodle they beg for it each day.  Because they want to get up and moving, they work extremely hard during class time.  GoNoodle provides a win-win situation: I don't have to give up getting my content covered and students are engaged in fun exercise with me!

2. Something awesome happens in kids' brains when they are active. Have you observed students to be more focused and engaged in learning when you regularly incorporate movement into your classroom?  

...Um...YES!  YES!  YES!  Students are excited to come to class because they know they are going to have fun.  By making learning fun students want to learn and they are willing to put forth more effort.  Add in the brain science behind movement and learning, and we truly have a winning combination.  Movement makes students healthier.  They are academically more healthy, emotionally more healthy, and physically more healthy. 

3. Kids are watching and following your lead!  How can teachers model healthy, active lifestyles to their students inside and outside the classroom?

The first and foremost thing to do is to dance and move with your students.  By joining students in GoNoodle it builds a relationship with them.  Students see that you are all about movement so they are too!  In school, I GoNoodle with my students and play sports with them.  This not only shows them that I am active as an adult, but also builds those crucial positive relationships.  Outside of the classroom, I attend my students' games.  I encourage them to do their best, show strong character, and practice, practice, practice to help their team succeed!

GoNoodle truly provides teachers with the resources they need to build a safe community of learning through movement and fun. By getting students up and moving, we are setting the stage for a healthy lifestyle outside of the classroom and into the future!

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  1. I have been trying to figure out how to put GoNoodle into my middle school classroom - thank you for sharing!!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle